5 Reasons to Love Chocolate

1. Chocolate melts at 97°F:

That’s right, just below body temperature.  So, it actually does melt in your mouth.

2.  Chocolate is great for your sex life:

Even the Aztecs believed that chocolate has aphrodisiac properties.  There might be some truth to those old legends.  Recent studies have shown that women who eat a little bit of chocolate a day have significantly more sex than women who don’t. 

3. Being Addicted to Chocolate won’t get you arrested:

Hell, it’s a drug alright, but you can get away with it. Nobody is going to say anything to you if you eat chocolates by yourself and get a sugar rush.

4. Chocolate equals love:

For women especially, it’s associated with love and romance. That could be another reason why women particularly love chocolate: deep down, it makes them feel loved, cared for, and pampered.

5. Chocolate is really good for you:

Dark chocolate contains chemicals that lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.  Flavonoids and antioxidants in dark chocolate have been shown to make a difference in cardiovascular health.